LEGENDS OF SKA SPRING 2014 FILM TOUR  April 25 8:30 P Kranzberg Art Center St. Louis MO  April 26 2:45 PM Malco Studio on the Square Memphis TN  April 30 21:30 Filmpalette Köln  May 1 20:00 Melkweg Cinema Amsterdam  May 3 14:00 Filmpalette Köln May 5 20:30 Indra Club Hamburg  May 6 20:30 Indra Club Hamburg May 7 20:00 Le Hangar Paris  May 8 20:45 Kino Bourbaki Luzern May 9 23:15 Kino Riffraff Zürich

Legends of Ska - Cool & Copasetic is a documentary film focusing on the early years of Jamaican music. From the sound systems of Kingston to the beaches near Montego Bay, Ska was the island's first popular international music.  Along with Mento, Rock Steady and Reggae, Ska continues to be performed worldwide.  Without Ska, there is no Reggae.


Legends of Ska

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